Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun with Faux Vintage Typewriter keys

There are numerous places to get images of vintage typewriter keys, one is a set of printed cardstock images created by Bottle Cap Inc. Mini Vintage Typewriter.  There is a full alphabet set with duplicates of popular letters and lots of numbers.  The main challenge lies in the making the bezel around the keys. 
I really wanted the new mini bottle caps that these 1/2 typewriter key images were designed to fit to flatten nicely like full size bottle caps do and make a nice ruffly bezel.  I tried every combination of cuttlebug depths I could find and they kept embedding themselves into my plates.   Finally I decided, "Fine!  Then I'll embed them into a grungeboard letter and decorate the bottoms."  I laid the grungeboard on a the A plate and arranged three mini bottle caps pointy sized down on top of the grungeboard.  I laid Plate C on top and ran it through.  Guess what happened?  Did they embed into the grungeboard like I wanted to as they had in plates?  No, they flattened!  Well so that's the trick a piece of scrap grungeboard on top of plate A, then the caps pointy sides toward the grungeboard then use:

Plate C for slightly flattened
Plate B x2 for more flattened
Plate C and Plate B for completely flattened (be careful not to crank too hard.  I actually put mine in one direction went part way and then fed it in the other way.
Unfortunately they don't flatten into quite the same shape as real bottle caps, but I thought they were fun for this Father's Day card.
Another good item for bezels is the 1/2" patera charms, like I used in the bracelet.  They seem perfectly suited and they have either 1 or 2 loops for pendants or links.

The next minor challenge is creating the epoxy covering that you see on old keys.  You can either cover them with a clear adhesive like Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze or pre-manufactured 1/2" epoxy domes.


  1. Fun Accents!!! I think there is another thing for my wish list!! LOL. Love the card and that bracelet is totally gorgeous.

  2. This is totally awesome! You've been having lots of fun! OMG - both projects are to die for!

  3. Stacey these are sooooo cool!!! Also adding to my wish list!