Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Minutes or Less - A Reversible Bottle Cap Pendant

Do you hate it when your pendant flips around?  Well turn that into a good thing!  Using a plain black bottle cap and soda can along with some useful art supplies you can make a pendant like this in about 30 minutes
and in 40, you could make three.  The bulk of the time comes from cutting apart the soda can and coloring the stamped images.  Visit my recent post for the instructions on creating the green embossed metal circle, and removing the liner from inside the bottle cap: Bottle Cap and Soda Can Bracelet

The only thing I did differently in this project to make the embossed metal is I used one of the new Sizzix DecoEmboss folders, made for metal and after I sanded I used a tan Marvy LePlume Permanent Alcohol Marker on the raised area so it looked like it was a golden metal instead of the aluminum.  The embossed metal was simply glued to the bottle cap.  It takes awhile for glue to dry between pieces of metal, but most basic craft glue dries securely.

Punch a 1" circle from a piece of cardstock.  I used an old manilla folder.  Stamp your image or images on the card stock and color using your favorite color method.  I used two stamps from our Frogs and Birds stamp set and colored them using Marvy LePlume Permanent Alcohol Markers .  You don't have to worry about using permanent markers because you're going to adhere an Epoxy 1" Circle Sticker to on top and glue the assembly inside the flattened bottle cap.  If you don't want to stamp your own artwork, you can buy pre-printed epoxy stickers in lots of fun designs.  I also used an alcohol marker to color the edges of the metal cap but you don't have to do this if you don't have alcohol markers.

Complete supply list:
A bottle cap
A die cut machine to flatten the bottle cap -  No die cutting machine?  Place your bottle cap on smooth cement inside-down, place a marble tile or scrap wood on top and stand on it.
A heat tool to soften and remove the seal from inside the cap.  I've used a toaster oven for this as well.
Pliers, round nose or needle nose are fine
A jump ring or split ring.
A 1/16" hole punch for punching the cap - A well placed nail and scrap of wood will work, too.
An empty soda can
Strong scissors or tin snips to cut open the soda can
a 1" hole punch
1" Epoxy Stickers.  You can also fill your bottle cap with a clear drying glue like Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze but that will seriously increase the time before you can wear this.
Basic Craft Glue
Vintaj Inks
Embossing folder or DecoEmboss Folder 
Sand Paper or Vintaj Reliefing block
Alcohol Markers (optional)


  1. What a great idea! Thank you for posting this. Hugs! xx

  2. Wonderful project and tutorial Stacey...sigh, adding yet another must-have to my wish list LOL!