Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fireworks! Backgrounds

This project explains how to create these papers, which you can then use as a background or stamp smaller images to cut out to make embellishments.
Products Used:
Tsukineko Fireworks Spray Inks
StazOn Ink Pads (if you wish to stamp on finished paper)
Stamps Used:
All images are from the Blockheads Victorian Eccentricities Set.

Start with plain white cardstock.  Spray the Goosebumps a few times.  The more you use at this point the more white speckles you'll see in the finished item.  If you don't want any white to show through you can skip the first application of Goosebumps.  Heat set or allow the Goosebumps to dry  naturally.  I used three colors of Fireworks: Dandelion, Plum and Bahama Blue.  Choose your favorite colors and start with the lightest.  Spritz randomly on the paper with the first color of Fireworks over the dried Goosebumps. 

Wipe with a wet paper towel or baby wipe to remove the ink from the Goosebumps to reveal white.

Add more Goosebumps and heat set or allow to dry.  The more you add at this point, the more pure yellow will be preserved.  Spritz with the next color of Fireworks.  I used plum but my camera didn't capture this step well.  You can then choose to add another layer of Goosebumps before spritzing with the final color or not.  The most important application of Goosebumps is over the first and lightest colors.  Wipe the color off the dried Goosebumps with a wet paper towel each time you add color.  The result is always striking and you can color coordinate your paper to any project.  The result will be a pearlescent colorful paper, deserving of the word "Fireworks".

The papers with Goosebumps on them do require an ink that will dry on plastic, like StazOn ink.  The paper with the nature verse was simply sptrized with Dandelion Fireworks and I was able to use regular ink on that paper.  

If you wish to stamp your paper before applying the Goosebumps and fireworks like I did when I stamped the birdcage for the card below, be sure to protect the main areas of the image with a few sprays of Goosebumps and let it dry before spritzing with Fireworks as the Fireworks spray inks are fairly opaque because of the mica powder in them.  I used one of the background papers show to stamp the flowers onto in jet black StazOn ink and cut them out to apply to the card with glue.