Sunday, May 6, 2012

Make Steampunk Bottle Cap Charms for less than 10 Cents Each

Use these printable images and bottle caps to make super inexpensive embellishments or jewelry.  These would look great on anything steampunk.  

1) Prepare bottle caps
Visit my recent post for the instructions on punching a hole,  flattening the bottle cap, and removing the liner from inside of the bottle cap: Bottle Cap and Soda Can Bracelet.
2) Print free downloadable images - best if printed on thick paper or light cardstock
Free PDF available on our Facebook Page
3) Cut images out by hand or using a 1" circle punch
4) Glue to top or inside of bottle cap (both shown above)
5) Seal using a clear glue like Diamond Glaze or Glossy Accents or the super easy method I used of using a clear Epoxy Dot which I admit adds about 25 cents to the cost of each charm.

If you use a liquid glue to seal ink jet prints, the ink could run depending on the paper you print on.  For best results, heat set the ink or let it dry for an hour or more, then apply the thinnest possible coat of glue and let it dry before adding a thicker layer.   I tested and the ink did not run on the paper I used, but I had let the ink dry well.


  1. Those are awesome Stacey! Thanks for the free download too...gotta love freebies ;0)

  2. So fun...thanks for sharing the tips and the download.

  3. Thanks for the download and free tips!

  4. Thanks for the freebie download and the bottlecap charm tips.

  5. Thank you so much for the freebie's and the ideas!! :)