Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden of the Gods

We recently went to Colorado Springs for a stamp convention and Di took Sunday off to see the sights of the area and even found a couple letterboxes with tricky clues.  She had to drive me and Linda from Lost Coast Designs past the Garden fo the Gods for a quick look on our mad dash to the airport because she was so impressed with it.  We will definitely need to give ourselves time to explore this area more next year!

Warehouse Move - Getting There...

Well we did successfully get our weekend orders out on Monday.  Not everything is on racks but it's at least in boxes near the rack where it will end up.  We're waiting on some new rack pieces so look for the final pics in a couple weeks.  This is a lot of work for two tired women, but we really like the new space with a larger product testing/crafting area.  My border collie isn't so sure.  The fan makes a lot of noise for his liking and he also just got used to the last postal carrier.

Don't spend too much time looking at this corner yet.. but I've got plans.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blockheads Warehouse Move Update

Some of you may know we opted to get a little larger space when our lease came up.  This is what our new space looked like on Saturday afteroon.  Stay tuned for updates.  We plan to ship orders on Monday even if we have to pull product from open boxes instead of racks.