Sunday, July 22, 2012

one I like, one I'm not so sure . . .

Okay, yes, it's no secret--I REALLY like my Gelli Plate.  I wanted to do
gel plate printing, bought all the stuff to make my own plate, but procrastinated
so long that the Gelli  people took care of it for me and came out with one I
don't have to keep in the refrigerator, and it won't get moldy.  So YES, thank
you very much!

THIS I like:
More info on this at my blog:
easily amused, hard to offend.

And now, for the "I'm not so sure" part . . .

It's an easel birthday card.  The flower colors
match the bouquet that went along with it,
and I was aiming for bright and fun . . .
 . . . but I'm afraid I may have hit . . . well, somewhere south of bright and fun.

The birthday girl liked it, and that's what really matters, right? Used the
alphabet set and Honey Bees set.


  1. Well I think they're both fun! I do really love the background you created with the Gelli Art Plate on the top.

  2. That's actually my favorite pull from that round of printing--I'm kind of hoarding it . . .