Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Subtle Stamped Backgrounds

When choosing a background paper, sometimes less is more, but plain is too plain.  This is one of my favorite techniques for creating quick, unique stamped backgrounds with small-medium stamps. 

The items needed for this technique are:
Light colored card stock (not white)
Color coordinated ink (slightly darker than cardstock)
Detailed stamps (not bold or simple)
White colored pencil
The first step is to stamp your stamps in a random pattern over the card stock.  Stamp some of the images off the edge to assure a random look.  I am using two different images so I left room for the second image between stamped images.

This image shows the cardstock fully stamped with both of my stamps.

This image shows the cardstock fully stamped with both of my stamps.

Add light color to areas of the images.  I dulled down my pencil tip before coloring so that the color would go on in a nice soft way.

The final step is to add stronger white with a sharper pencil and/or a heavier hand.

If you post your version of this technique on your blog post the URL here so readers can see different examples.  For more details on how the entire Shell Trio card was made, check back.

Here are some other samples I have of similar backgrounds I've created.


  1. Those are really stunning backgrounds Stacey! I'm excited to see what our Blockheads fans will do with such a lovely technique!

  2. Very nice and inspirational!

  3. Could you furnish instructions with sets ordered? THey are too dark for my printer

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this technique! And Beautiful outcome! Cheers!

  5. Very cool!! Love the way the white pencil looks!! I have to try this!