Sunday, November 25, 2012

my new favorite stamp!

Well, yes, you're right, I DO have a new favorite fairly often, but this
particular favorite is a first with me . . .

It's the first time a sentiment stamp has ever made it to the top of my list:
Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.

Do you like the background?  It's a Gelli Plate monoprint.  If you've printed
monotypes, you know you can't just make ONE--you end up pulling stacks of fun
papers, which are great to have on hand.  If you've never tried this type of printing,
now is a great time to start, as Blockheads has the Gelli Plates on sale!

Stamp sets?  Used Seashells and Round Frame, Whimsical Faerie Wings
and Verses, Full Sheet --that's where the new favorite stamp can be found.

More info on my blog--have a great Sunday, everyone!

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