Sunday, August 12, 2012

sewing themed, simply bound, handmade book.

Here are some layouts from the mini book I started for the current
Blockheads challenge--if you'd like to see more details, simply click
on the photos to enlarge them.  Want to see more?  You can find the
rest of the layouts on my blog.

You can tell I got to use lots of goodies in this one--
stamp sets:
Year Ago 
Feeling Regal
Vintage Light And Form and Notions
more fun stuff:
Willow Walnut Ink , Lilac Walnut Ink , Cornflower Walnut Ink ,
Cherry Blossom Walnut Ink , plus gelatos in cool  and  warm colors.

Have you joined in the Blockheads book challenge yet?  Any kind of
hand made book that includes stamping--if you need some easy binding
ideas, check out the tutorials.  The hopping part is completely optional,
but be sure to leave a pic and link to a specific post that mentions the
Blockheads challenge HERE. Well, okay, or on this post, since I added
the linky thing, right? 

I really enjoy making books, and hope this technique challenge
(or the possible $25 Blockheads gift certificate!) inspires you to try 
one of your own.




  1. Thank you, Leigh!

    I'm glad to see a few new "faces" in this challenge!


  2. Hey, not to say that all our familiar faces aren't super fantastic--you know what I mean!!

    So, can anyone tell me why I can't get the "reply" to a particular comment button to work? I'm sure it's just me and this computer, but of course I have no clue what to do!