Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick Backgrounds to Match Any Color Scheme

Created by: Stacey Dunning, Design Team Member

Description: 123 Backgrounds - Butterflies and Kaleidacolor Ink Pads

Stamp Set Used: 123 Backgrounds - Butterflies Set and Cornflower from Blockheads.
I just wanted to show how simple it is to create a versatile background using this stamp set and any Kaleidacolor Ink Pad.  I'm sorry if you've already seen this one.  The post became corrupted and I had to delete and recreate it.

I used the Riviera pad for this example. In the first image I simply inked and stamped the background texture 4 times, twice mostly off the page. In the next step I inked the flower stamp and stamped it twice and finally in the 3rd step I inked the butterfly stamp 3 times using just the blues and purples and stamped it. I'm showing a 4th and optional step here of adding some color to the white areas of the background using a stipple brush. I used the same ink pad and some JudiKins color dusters to add a little more yellow to the overall look. It's that simple and you can make a background to match any color theme you're working in.

Here is another very different look using the same stamps to create a background using VersaMagic Ink. Details on this card are provided in this blog post: JudiKins Eclipse for Creating Masked Areas. 

And finally here is an example using a Kaleidacolor Berry Blaze ink pad and our Love and Hearts stamp set.


  1. They really are VERY pretty backgrounds, as well as beautiful overall cards.

    One question tho - are u creating the backgrounds with sponges? I can tell that they haven't been brayered, so I'm guessing on the sponge technique.

    Thx for sharing, it came just in time to inspire me for the birthday card I volunteered to make for my (non-stamping) friend for HER friend!